Fund Raising


Competitors taking part in the Cadbury Dunedin Marathon and wishing to use the event to fundraise for charity are required to agree to the following criteria. The event organisers reserve the right to seek confirmation of any such Organisations or Groups. Any "Official" organisation or group appointed by the organisers will have sole rights to use the event for fundraising.


  • Unless authorised by the event organisers, canvassing for donations is not permitted on the day of the event or during Race Pack distribution.
  • Sponsors of any organisation or group are subject to approval by the organisers and shall not conflict with ant of the event sponsors.
  • Those taking part in the event must enter via the Entry Form and pay the entry fees.
  • Caversham Harrier and Athletic Club, organisers of the Cadbury Dunedin Marathon, and the event sponsors will not be responsible for the collection of, or, the distribution of any funds raised by any organisation or group while take part in the Cadbury Dunedin Marathon.