1. What kilometer markers will there be for the Half Marathon?
    Markers will be 2k, 5k, 10k, Halfway, 15k and 20k. Ref to Full Course map for all kilometer marks.
  2. Will any bags be transported to the finish at Port Chalmers?
    Yes, the Race Pack will contain a Gear Bag; place items in the bag; secure and place it in the transport provided. These will be taken to the finish at Port Chalmers.
  3. Where will the toilets be on the course?
    They will be at the start of both events and other location on the course. Ref to "Toilets" on the "Course Details" menu.
  4. Will there be any transport to the start of the events?
    All competitors will need to make their own way to Race Headquarters. Free buses will be provided to take Full Marathon runners to the start and free transport is provided to bring competitors back to Dunedin from the finish.
  5. You have a Time Limit of 5 hours and permission to run the event between 8.00am and 1.00pm. What happen if I take longer than 5 hours?
    You will be allowed to finish and your time will be recorded.  However, other support along the route (e.g. drink stations) may no longer be available.
  6. Will the Drink Stations have sports drinks or only water?
     Drink Stations will serve water, will be at each Drink Station and the Finish Line. Ref to Course Map for all Drink Station locations.
  7. Am I able to wear my iPod?
    There are a number of events both here and overseas that don't allow iPods or other listening devices. At this stage we are only recommending that competitors refrain from using them in the interests of safety.
  8. Are there age restrictions?
    Yes - the Full Marathon is open to all persons 18 years and over on race day. The Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon Run and Recreational Walk is open to all persons, those over 12 and less than 16 years of age will require written consent from a parent / guardian and this must accompany their entry form.
  9. Can I change my details if I entered online?
    Yes - some details can be updated.  Go to the Home screen and log in - you are then able to update your personal details.  However, note that you cannot change your event, or tshirt size etc. as these have already been ordered.
    If you wish to change the event you have entered, you need to contact the organisers by clicking the link below. 
  10. Can I get a refund?
    No, refunds are not possible. 
  11. Can groups of people enter together?
    Yes, the "Online Entry" system we now have in place allows you to enter more than one or a group, including T-Shirts. The total amount to be paid will appear and only one payment will be required to cover all entries and T-Shirts. PLEASE NOTE : ALL ENTRY FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
    Contact the organisers by clicking  here.