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Cadbury Dunedin Marathon

It is nice to receive feedback from our competitors, a selection via Email /Facebook. And we look back on the 2015 Cadbury Dunedin Marathon through the lens of Seen in Dunedin.

           A Quarter Andrew Warming Up All Dressed Up Camera

"Firstly, thank you for a very well organised event. I ran your half marathon for the second time and I know how much work goes into such events. I enjoyed the run and appreciated the tail-wind along most of the last 10km!" ... Ian Chinnery

          Delighted Brother And Sister Dressed Happy Girls 

 "Hi there, thanks for the great event" ... Toni Walker

          Great Finish Alister And Josh Dad Anddaughter Giving It All 

 "Hi, First of all it was a great event today and everything was so well organized. However when I picked up my running pack yesterday I never got the t-shirt (size S half marathon) and I was wondering if I can pick it up somewhere". Kind regards Annika

        Hiding Hopping In Red Jonah

 "Hi there, Just wondering if possible to buy a 2015 marathon t-shirt (mail order - I am not in Dunedin). I wanted to purchase one as a gift for a friend who ran the full marathon yesterday". With thanks, Simon Dunlop

            Mellow Yellow Quarter Runners Quarter Walkers Shireen 

 "Hi It's not really important but I'm pretty certain that the results in the newspaper today for the marathon are out by at least two minutes. My watch gave me a finish time of 2:43:49 and I am certain that the clock was showing 2:43: something when I went under at the finish line. It doesn't really matter it's just for accuracy, Thanks it was a great and well organized race as usual" ... Romain Mirosa

             Time Staying Warm Two Boys Project1

 "Some of the walkers where running at the start until they where out of sight and then started to walk ? you don't pick up on that ? just get a faster time. if you are in the walking class you walk IF you are the running class you run... Don't cheat. we loved the marthon the hole family went this time I use to run the marathon in the 80s and did ok . i would like to run it next year. thanks for that keep up the good work" ... Steve Hastie

On The Walkway